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Are You Fit? Or Are You Healthy?

It's funny how many of us these days equate fitness with health. Although I'll stop short of saying that it couldn't be farther from the truth, I will say that there is a big difference.

The dictionary defines fitness as: [capability of the body of distributing inhaled oxygen to muscle tissue during increased physical effort] and health as: [the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor]
For the record, I would like to have both, but health comes first, if there is a choice.

There are finely tuned athletes who have had the endurance of a camel, or the strength of a gorilla, but have collapsed and been hospitalized during competition or training. I would not call that healthy. There are also those who claim to be healthy because they are not sick. This is also a misnomer for the term healthy. Being free from sickness and ailments is only half of it. If you lack vigor and energy in your life, then you are not healthy. If you are depressed, discouraged or angry frequently then you are not healthy. If you are a fit athlete who relies on unsustainable supplements and diet systems then you are not healthy.

The first step to good health is to have a healthy mind.
A healthy body depends on a healthy mind, and by that I mean that you must fill you mind with positive thoughts. Thoughts of gratitude, love and passion. It's what you focus on that you will ultimately become. You must also have a strong driving force or idea that determines and gives meaning to everything you do in life and how you live your life.

Of course your thoughts alone will not do the job of giving you a healthy life but it's the foundation on which you must build all else pertaining to health and well-being.

The second step to becoming truly healthy is education. There is plenty of information both accurate & inaccurate available online nowadays and it's hard to choose which path to follow, which is why some common sense is necessary in deciding on what you want to do.

One thing I do when researching health topics online is to dig a little deeper into articles I read and find out about the author and his/her history and any affiliation with either food, health, or pharmaceutical companies. Reports on 'scientific data' are generally sponsored. Find out who the sponsors are, and the sponsor's parent company or affiliates.

For example in the documentary "Supersize Me" the McDonald's company did their own research with professional (meaning they get PAID) health experts who agreed that a McDonald's meal can be a part of a healthy diet. However, when Morgan (the host and guinea pig) conducted his own random interview with health experts nationwide the vast majority agreed that a McDonald's meal should be avoided in order to maintain a healthy diet.

The third step, exercise, should come naturally if you have the other two in order. You are thinking positively, are motivated and driven and have a reason to live.

You also have the education that helps define what you will or will not put into your body, and what activities you will or will not engage in, and what type of exercise is suitable for yourself.
Just put the pieces together and start over.

This is the first day of the rest of your life, so make the most of it.
Don't hesitate!

I used to be a procratinator, but Tony shook me up at UPW and I've since decided on a few meaningful changes in my life. In short, I've become vegan -- no meat and no dairy products in my life 90% of the time, and I'm sticking to vegetable proteins instead, which are free of acids and other harmful elements.

I'm also drastically limiting all "whites" in my diet. White rice, white flour, and white sugar.

Drinking a minimum of 2.5 liters of water daily (if my pee has any color, I know I'm not drinking enough). Caffeine is out too, along with hard liquor, but an occasional beer or wine is okay.

The great thing is that I no longer feel the need for my morning fix of coffee, since making all the other adjustments has given me more than enough energy in the mornings to compensate.

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  1. So what if you’re really into exercising but also really into drinking?

  2. Then you’ll reach a certain level of health, but not as much as if you didn’t drink large amounts of alcohol, I guess.

  3. thats kinda neat:D I’m a vegan too actually. like…6 days a week…

  4. I also have stopped all red meats, pork, whities in every forms (even powdered milk) beer and white wine, and have more veggies and fruits ( but also limit my daily intakes as fruits have sugar that turn into fat) . I felt so much better even after a couple of days into that new way! I have also disciplined myself to deep breathing exercises (taken from a tape by Ant. Robbins on habits) concentrate on 10 a day to start with and there is an incredible and noticeable change all over my body starting with my face!! FEELS GREAT TO BE FIT AND HEALTHY AGAIN! and YES YES YES drinking lots of water is ‘magic’! For me as long as I drink my intake of water, it seems red wine and even a couple of cocktails a week is still ok! So life is beautiful and I can have all this and heaven too! ha!

  5. Way to go Abi!

  6. Yeah I know just what you mean , being alive in this day and age is just different then it was when I was younger. I suppose our parents never even considered this, technology as we know it from many angles makes a lot of things possible . Reckon I have an old school point of view , but I recall when a hard days work was the norm . You could trust people , people looked out for each other, and things just weren’t as costly. I recon costs are always going to go up , however I don’t understand how come we can’t return to the time when folks cared for one another and actually knew what their neighbors names were . I guess its a thing of the past , but you know today is another day to be alive , I reckon we ott to just keep on keeping on.

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