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As some of my readers may know, I'll be making a trip to Orlando, Florida on the 10th of March to attend a convention hosted by Anthony Robbins, called UPW, or Unleash the Power Within.


My dad is the one sponsoring this trip and fees involved, and I think it's cool to have this opportunity, along with my two brothers-in-law, Mike & Gabe.

This convention has been known to help many people to have complete turnarounds in their businesses, relationships, social life, and work life.

I think I want to see improvement and maybe a turnaround in all of the above!

Although some will argue that it's quite overrated and overpriced (up to $2,595), I definitely see an advantage and therefore a value in personal interaction over telecommunication via Internet courses, live chats, video speeches, etc.

My Wish List

Although attempting to predict the future may be a waste of time, I think making a wish-list might help me to focus on what I want to take away with me from this convention.

1. Overcome my fears: of failure, rejection, the unknown, losing money, carrots. (Those who know me well will understand.)
2. Reinforce my desire to design and grow a business for future financial stability.
3. Meet new friends and network for mutual benefits.

I'm not limiting myself to these but using them as guides to use when I'm there and may find myself not 100% sure what my objectives are.

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  1. thats so cool:D how long are you gonna be there? gannbattekitene:P

  2. Hi Mel, you’re the first comment on my blog! Thanks.
    The seminar is four days, but we’re arriving one day early so we can have time to adjust.

  3. I’m going to miss you but I know you’ll have a great time! I’ll keep you in my prayers my love… – take care!

  4. So cool! I am so happy for you! Go Ken Go! XXX Abi (I am reading your blog from newest to oldest, so I know you had a good time! I mean a GREAT time!)

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