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Pareto, anyone?

Ruthlessly evaluating your own work habits is never a fun thing to do, but boy does it feel good to work smarter! With a change in my work schedule, and much more self-managed time on my hands I've sometimes felt a little lost as to what I should be working on next, what comes first, and most importantly, what I shouldn't do at all!

Sorting out my schedule, I turned to something I learned a while ago that just took on a greater meaning: The Pareto Principle. Some Italian guy named Pareto discovered that 20% of the population had 80% of the wealth in his country. Then other experts in their respective fields starting seeing that same pattern all over the place.

20% of the workers produce 80% of the result .
20% of the drivers cause 80% of the accidents.
20% of your clients make 80% of the complaints.
20% of your purchases account for 80% of your spending.

20% of my time at work produces 80% of my productivity.

So the next logical step here was for me to identify the 20% that I want to maximize. For me it was the time I spend at work right after checking mail, reading news, updating my social statuses. So in a seven-hour work day, this would come to about an hour and a half per day. That's when I first start my real work, when I still feel fresh and alert, and my objectives are very clear.

Now knowing that this is my daily 20%, I guard it and nurture it much more than I used to, letting it take priority over all else in my day.

What's your 20%? Finding it may help you to better establish your daily schedule and find your own peak zone-Give it a try!

Ps. 20% of this blog post contains 80% of the content. :-)