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Fricking Fat People

Do you have any bad habits that you know you need to kick, but haven't done it yet? Maybe it's biting your nails, overeating, or overspending. Whatever the case is, the reason you haven't been able to kick that bad habit yet is because you have not associated enough pain with the bad habit to make it unbearable to you anymore. Instead you came up with euphemisms for it, saying stuff like "I'm just a nervous guy so I bite my nails," or "It runs in the family--we're terrible with numbers so we always overspend."

At UPW Tony Robbins said of overweight people: "Don't tell me that you're "a little on the chunky side," or "have big bones"! What a joke! What are big bones anyhow? Tell me and do yourself a favor by saying "I'm fucking fat!" Does that make you feel uncomfortable? Well I sure hope it does because as long as you keep making yourself feel good for doing things you know are not good for you, then you will not make progress in your life. I'm not afraid to tell you the truth in saying that you're a fucking fat person."

So to all my friends out there, do yourself a favor and say it how it is. Stop making yourself feel even slightly comfortable doing things that are not the absolute BEST for you. Settle for nothing less than what you know you need to make that next hurdle in your life.

Stop telling yourself that you will try to improve later when you can. Learn to associate pain by using language to paint a different picture of your reality. Learn to hate it!

As Tony Robbins so elegantly put it: "Say it out loud! I'M FUCKING FAT AND I FUCKING HATE IT!"

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  1. This is discusting, whoever you are you are a very shallow person who probley has problems yourslef, no one is perfect and everybody is different. you dont just make fun of people because of what they look like whether they are ”ugly”, ”fat”, ”obese”, ”anorexic”, etc..
    i cannot believe someone would do this.
    karma will come around and you will be a very lonely person if you keep on being really mean. You are obiously not a nice person. This is beyond a joke. Sometimes ”fat/obese people” cannot help it and besides you are who you are, do not change anything for anyone, its not about what you look like its about how you treat yourself and others. You could be the most prettiest, skinniest, person but the relality is its whats inside.This person writing this everybody will have something for someone to pick on about, but seriously this is just unexplainable.

    this is more than horrible.
    sorry if any offence has been taken to this comment but this whole website makes me sick.!!

    Im also sorry for the people who had to read this and to the person who wrote it.
    you obiously need help or something..


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