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Something Funny

Here's something that anyone who's heard Tony's audios will find amusing:

Taken from:

We are driving into the sunset on I88 on a cold winter day, after a stop at Arby’s, listening to Tony. We are getting all pumped up! Yes! We CAN take control of our lives! Yes! We CAN take action!

And then Tony gave us an assignment. We were to list three personal goals - and take action on them. Right now.

Well, we were sitting in the front seat of her pick-up truck in the middle of a busy tollway. There wasn’t exactly a whole lot we could do.
But Tony gets mad at you if you don’t follow through.

So, after a minute or two, I said, “There! My goal was to be a failure - and I did nothing! I have successfully accomplished my assignment for today! (whew!)

But wait... if I successfully accomplished my goal... then I am NOT a failure... and I have failed at being a failure!!!!”, then I AM a failure.

But that was my goal, so I didn't fail...

And then my head exploded.

I hate it when that happens!

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Commitment Starts When the Fun Stops

While in San Diego earlier this month I had the privilege to meet an amazing woman: firefighter, Eco Challenge and Adventure Racing competitor Robyn Benicasa, who gave a very lively and meaningful speech to the Tony Robbins Leadership Boot Camp audience.

We've all heard so many times about what it takes to be a leader, what it means to have true commitment, and all the virtues of the good things in life. But listening to someone who has a track record as a true winner, someone who has gone through the most intense sports competition in the world, had hip replacement surgery, and kept going on through it made all the difference in the world to me.

All these words, things I've heard before meant a lot more to me all of a sudden.

One quote she said: "commitment starts when the fun stops", stood out to me.

When we get started on something new, a project, a team, or whatever, the morale is high, and everyone is having fun, but when the fun stops and the hard times come is when you see who is truly committed to the team, and who the true leaders are.

Click this link to see video of Robyn.


A Motivational Speaker is Born!

Tell me if you didn't cringe while watching this!