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The Wise Man Adapts Himself to the World;

The foolish man tries to adapt the world to himself, therefore all progress depends on the fool.

I've spent too much of my life trying to adapt to the culture, the traditions, the unspoken rules, the taboos of my environment, and what I thought was right while having never evaluated them myself. Somehow I got the idea sometime in my life that everything around me is more important than me.

But then I started to lose myself. I started projecting an image of "right" on my peers and then on my own, very impressionable children. What I teach my children through my actions will stick for a lifetime, so I took a deep breath and stopped. Stopped judging, thinking, acting according to what was "right".

In effect I stopped adapting myself.

I wondered what would happen if I started just being ME and indirectly start adapting my environment to ME?

What's so bad about adapting my environment, my company, my colleagues to ME? Am I a bad influence on them? I don't think so. Could they enjoy partaking in my ideas, thoughts and initiatives? I do think so.

I feel better now. I feel like I have purpose. I feel like I have more to offer. I feel like I'm no longer walking on the edge of the cliff, but through the grassy meadow. I feel like I can spread myself like strawberry jam on the dry toast of everyday life at the office, and sprinkle myself like Tabasco on the pile of spaghetti I call home.

Let's see what happens from here on out. :)

Ps.  I think the kids like "foolish dad" better.

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  1. Love, love this post Ken! I’ve been thinking about this topic a whole lot since the start of the new year. I need to change a lot of my old mindset and just LIVE!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. yeah man! that is pretty kick-ass! i love it!

  3. thank goodness u’ve discovered this important truth! it’s beautifool

  4. How fun to be pushing 30 and finally realize you can be yourself.

  5. Interesting …. so true …. bravyou!! Ha! And you completed a year of ‘Blogging serious Busyness’! Bravou! xxx Lets hear more from you in 2011! XOX

  6. Interesting….& so true….bravyou!! Ha!& y completed a year of ‘Blogging serious Busyness’! Bravou! In 2011 lets hear even more from you!

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