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If You Need to Be Told What to Do You’re a Dinosaur!

It used to be okay if you simply showed up for work on time, obeyed instructions, did everything according to the manual, and expected to have a decent career.

Actually, it is still possible, if you want a job flipping burgers or work in a factory assembly line. But even that is not going to last long, at the rate those kind of jobs are being replaced by machines or going to China.

Creativity and innovation is needed in every level of your company right now!

Your boss or supervisor is probably going crazy trying to dream up a great new method of doing things and hoping it will drop right onto his lap.

You can become that dream.

The next time you get an assignment from you boss, instead of blindly following instructions, ask yourself why it needs to be done, and if there is a better way to do it. Bring it up to your boss, respectfully, of course. If he thinks you are a pain in the ass, and decides to fire you, then it was probably not a great place to build your career anyway.

But chances are that over time he will see your creativity and initiative and when times are tough you will have made yourself so valuable that you will be practically immune to downsizing.

Statistics show that the employees considered most valuable are not the ones to follow instructions to a T without any objection (any high school flunky can do that!), but the ones who constructively share their criticisms, and often.


Don't try to become your boss's friend, become his most valuable employee -- or partner!

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