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iPhone Killer is Finally Here!

iPhone Killer

iPhone Killer

iPhone Killer is Finally Here!

How many times have you heard that line before? Or how about the iPod killer? Will there ever be an iPhone iPad or iPod killer? Short answer: no.

The question itself demonstrates that it most likely won't happen. iPhone, iPad, and iPod are names of products which have created a new market category, so to ask if there will be an iPhone killer is like trying to out-Apple Apple, or out-Steve Steve Jobs.

When Wal-Mart started their online sales system, they were up against an already well-established online shopping giant, Amazon. Of course Wal-Mart, being the giant company that it was is well established in their own right. But when working on their marketing strategy, they kept getting caught up in matching what Amazon was doing, instead of innovating. Then someone got the brilliant idea to put up a big sign in the office which read "You Can't Out-Amazon Amazon!"

That's not to say that other products are inferior in any way, but creating a product specifically to be a whatever-killer is going to end you up with another me-too product, not innovation.

So just be yourself, remembering that creativity comes from within. And don't start flaming me all you Apple haters!

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