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How to Be Great – According to Ken

Although you can measure greatness in any way you like, and I respect them all, one thing I know from my experience is that leaning beyond your comfort zone toward your dreams is what expands your capabilities, and opens doors to greater possibilities.

The more often you lean beyond your comfort zone the easier it becomes, and the easier it becomes, the greater steps you take and soon you'll be doing things that you didn't think were possible for you or thought you didn't even want to do.

We all have dreams, some buried deep down from the first time we were made fun of as a child, but we all have them.
The people who are doing something about it, actively reaching out toward their dream in some way each day are the ones who have direction, drive, motivation and guts.

It's just a choice, not natural talent or ability that defines who is happy in the end. For those who are completely filled up and satisfied with where their life is now, I applaud you because you have now what most millionaires today thought they could achieve through their many accomplishments.

There are different things that each of us need to achieve in life to feel complete. When you can say to yourself "If I die today I will die happy because I know I have done the absolute maximum with what God has given me in my life." then you have reached the level of greatness that I aspire to.



If everyone worked at their jobs 9-5, there would be no Thomas Edison, Wright Brothers, Mother Theresa, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and anybody who's made a difference on the world stage.

People who feel that by quitting their 9-5 jobs they threaten the world financial system should not.

But there are those who want more.

Some want the chance, no, even just a faint possibility of attaining the extra-ordinary.

They will give up their "ordinary" existence in exchange for risk, adventure, danger, living life on their own terms, and ultimately FREEDOM.

The real threat is not that everyone quits their 9-5 jobs, but rather that those who have, the Mark Zuckerburgs, Ingvar Kamprads, Nelson Mandelas, Bill Gates's and Anthony Robbins's return to a 9-5 existence.

But in reality there is no threat either way because those who have tasted the extra-ordinary can never go back, and those who choose to continue to find reasons why they cannot will always find a reason.

As for world financial stability? With the vast majority of the world financial power's citizens working to make someone else rich, and the world economy the way it is now, do you really think there is a risk?