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If everyone worked at their jobs 9-5, there would be no Thomas Edison, Wright Brothers, Mother Theresa, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and anybody who's made a difference on the world stage.

People who feel that by quitting their 9-5 jobs they threaten the world financial system should not.

But there are those who want more.

Some want the chance, no, even just a faint possibility of attaining the extra-ordinary.

They will give up their "ordinary" existence in exchange for risk, adventure, danger, living life on their own terms, and ultimately FREEDOM.

The real threat is not that everyone quits their 9-5 jobs, but rather that those who have, the Mark Zuckerburgs, Ingvar Kamprads, Nelson Mandelas, Bill Gates's and Anthony Robbins's return to a 9-5 existence.

But in reality there is no threat either way because those who have tasted the extra-ordinary can never go back, and those who choose to continue to find reasons why they cannot will always find a reason.

As for world financial stability? With the vast majority of the world financial power's citizens working to make someone else rich, and the world economy the way it is now, do you really think there is a risk?


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