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This blog is about my journey. It may seem corny, or not something you're into, but it is my intention to record how I will get from where I am to where I want to be.

Where I am now:
Have good skills in graphics design and online multi-media
Have a happy marriage and six beautiful children
Don't know much about business and financial investments
Want to start a business that I love

Where I want to be:
Small business owner
Have a happy marriage and six beautiful children
Financially capable of providing my children with any kind of education they desire
Free to live and run my business from anywhere in the world
Find solid business partners and friends

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  1. Hi Ken, Your blog is interesting and good stuff to read! I just got an Ipad and I wanted to ask if there are any apps you could recommend. Would save me time trying to look for something I don’t know! How’s things with your family? greetings, Micah

  2. Hi Ken
    how are you? we wanted to keep in touch but do not have your e mail, could you send it to me. you have a very nice blog. how are the Kids? looking forward to your reply.
    lots of love and prayers from John and Rejoice in sunny Thailand

  3. Amazing dad! What kind of business would you like to do? Do you like serving people or providing products?

    Most of all what do you love to do? ANd what do people come to you for?



  4. Hi Yeliz,
    I realize that I haven’t updated this about page in a long time, and I think I will soon. I know that I’ve come a long way since I first started this blog, and a lot of it has to do with the training I received from Tony’s seminars.
    I love creating. I love helping others, and I love being cutting edge. I think either products or services would be fine as long as it’s a creative atmosphere.
    People come to me for advice on everything from business to relationships because I’ve gained so much more confidence since attending Tony Robbins seminars.

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