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Solar Eclipse over Tokyo — May 21, 2012

This morning at 7:30 was the last annular solar eclipse to come this way until 2030. Didn't want to miss it, so we got the kids equipped with their snazzy solar-eclipse-viewing sunglasses and me with my Nikon D5100, which my wife bought me for my birthday present.

Here are some photo of the eclipse from the front balcony.

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How to Be Great – According to Ken

Although you can measure greatness in any way you like, and I respect them all, one thing I know from my experience is that leaning beyond your comfort zone toward your dreams is what expands your capabilities, and opens doors to greater possibilities.

The more often you lean beyond your comfort zone the easier it becomes, and the easier it becomes, the greater steps you take and soon you'll be doing things that you didn't think were possible for you or thought you didn't even want to do.

We all have dreams, some buried deep down from the first time we were made fun of as a child, but we all have them.
The people who are doing something about it, actively reaching out toward their dream in some way each day are the ones who have direction, drive, motivation and guts.

It's just a choice, not natural talent or ability that defines who is happy in the end. For those who are completely filled up and satisfied with where their life is now, I applaud you because you have now what most millionaires today thought they could achieve through their many accomplishments.

There are different things that each of us need to achieve in life to feel complete. When you can say to yourself "If I die today I will die happy because I know I have done the absolute maximum with what God has given me in my life." then you have reached the level of greatness that I aspire to.


Something Funny

Here's something that anyone who's heard Tony's audios will find amusing:

Taken from:

We are driving into the sunset on I88 on a cold winter day, after a stop at Arby’s, listening to Tony. We are getting all pumped up! Yes! We CAN take control of our lives! Yes! We CAN take action!

And then Tony gave us an assignment. We were to list three personal goals - and take action on them. Right now.

Well, we were sitting in the front seat of her pick-up truck in the middle of a busy tollway. There wasn’t exactly a whole lot we could do.
But Tony gets mad at you if you don’t follow through.

So, after a minute or two, I said, “There! My goal was to be a failure - and I did nothing! I have successfully accomplished my assignment for today! (whew!)

But wait... if I successfully accomplished my goal... then I am NOT a failure... and I have failed at being a failure!!!!”, then I AM a failure.

But that was my goal, so I didn't fail...

And then my head exploded.

I hate it when that happens!

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A Motivational Speaker is Born!

Tell me if you didn't cringe while watching this!



My mother-in-law who lives in the P.I. had recently gotten her email address hacked. I had an interesting email dialogue with the hacker, and decided to just paste the whole thing here. Enjoy!


Hope you get this on time, sorry I didn't inform you about my trip to UK for a program. I am having some difficulty here because i misplaced my wallet on my way to the hotel which contained some cash, credit cards and some other valuable things. I am so confused right now.

I need you to assist me with a loan of $1,850 (figured out by now that it's a 100% scam)to sort out my hotel bills and get myself back home. I will appreciate whatever you can afford to assist me with, i will refund the money back to you as soon as i return, let me know if you can be of any help? ASAP.
please let me know immediately.


Hi Abi, (AKA: lowlife hacker)

So sorry to hear about your loss.
Please let me know how I can assist you, like bank details. (suckers!)



Hi Ken,

Thanks for your response and concern towards my present situation. Please, it will be helpful if you can send the money to me through Western Union Money Transfer. Kindly forward the information given to you as it will facilitate my collecting the money over here since I will have to pay for my hotel bills in cash.

Name: Abigail Biard
Address: 34 Massetts Road, Horley, Surrey, RH6 7DS
United Kingdom (checked out this hotel & reported it, but nothing happened)

Thank you very much, i truly appreciate this kind gesture of yours. Looking forward to hearing from you soonest. (Sucker!)




I just remembered that I have a colleague who lives near Crawley, (right next to the address above)and I can ask him to bring you the money from me to your hotel. (trying to draw him out) Anyhow, I need a recent pic of you so that I can send it to him to recognize you. Can you mail one here to me? His name is Adam S. Sincher, (initials spell ASS!!)and I don't think it will be a problem for him to do that.
Wishing you all the best,(NOT!)



You should understand my present situation. I am not in the mood to see any body. (wow, you're sounding less and less like the sociable Abi who I know) Please can you send the money directly to me so i can start making arrangement to return. I really need to leave this place as soon as possible. I have not even eaten anything today.(Really? I'll bet you're a fat kid who whomps down burgers all day while trying to steal other people's money.)



Ok Abi,

I want to send the money to you, but as you know, it's nearly impossible to send money from Mongolia(pushing it) through western union.  My colleague Adam already agreed to take the money to you and you don't even have to worry about paying me back. Consider it a small gift from me to you for all the times you helped me make it through the nights after my wife and children were killed in the accident. (testing to see how heartless this lowlife really is)
Also please get over your mood and see my friend Adam. He's a really great guy and he's actually looking for someone like himself who's transitioning to female. You did so well yourself and I think he'd appreciate it. (are you getting a little scared now, or is this turning you on?)
Anyhow he's going to be there sometime tomorrow or the day after so please send that picture quick! I'd have to be honest and say I can hardly remember what you look like after so long.



Can you use Money gram? i don't want to meet him. I can leave here myself. (not much to say anymore, eh?)




I talked with Adam and he agreed and sent you the money with W.U. I told him to use your real name, to be safe.(You do remember your REAL name, don't you?)
Good luck!



Thank you very much. Please make sure he sends the money first things in the morning so i can start making arrangements to return. I will be waiting to hear from you.



Sure thing, just me know if there is any trouble. (I'll be there will be!)



It's 09:00PM here. Was as he able to send the money? Please let me know as soon as possible.




Adam decided to go there after all to deliver it to you in person, but he said that you hadn't checked in there. Are you sure you got the address right? (pushing, pushing...) Anyhow I found an old picture of you and sent it to him, although you must look quite different now, but nobody at the place knew. A thought just came to me -- why don't you get your son Dom(you remember him, don't you?) to swing by and take care of the payment? He's loaded and lives less than an hour away. He could at least send his chauffeur with the limo to you.
Do you want me to contact Dom for you?

ABI (for real):(finally!)

TXS Ken,
Got to be able to finally get back into my Yahoo with a new more complicated password
Good try about the Limo and Adam I am so upset right now at the bastards and hackers
oh my God's justice will fall on their heads
see u soon
'they' deleted all my contacts addresses

(I love her unique style of writing--it's pretty hard to fake it.)

Ps. to Abi:

So glad you got your email thing sorted out. I hope that you were able to recover most of your contacts.

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