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If everyone worked at their jobs 9-5, there would be no Thomas Edison, Wright Brothers, Mother Theresa, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and anybody who's made a difference on the world stage.

People who feel that by quitting their 9-5 jobs they threaten the world financial system should not.

But there are those who want more.

Some want the chance, no, even just a faint possibility of attaining the extra-ordinary.

They will give up their "ordinary" existence in exchange for risk, adventure, danger, living life on their own terms, and ultimately FREEDOM.

The real threat is not that everyone quits their 9-5 jobs, but rather that those who have, the Mark Zuckerburgs, Ingvar Kamprads, Nelson Mandelas, Bill Gates's and Anthony Robbins's return to a 9-5 existence.

But in reality there is no threat either way because those who have tasted the extra-ordinary can never go back, and those who choose to continue to find reasons why they cannot will always find a reason.

As for world financial stability? With the vast majority of the world financial power's citizens working to make someone else rich, and the world economy the way it is now, do you really think there is a risk?



iPhone Killer is Finally Here!

iPhone Killer

iPhone Killer

iPhone Killer is Finally Here!

How many times have you heard that line before? Or how about the iPod killer? Will there ever be an iPhone iPad or iPod killer? Short answer: no.

The question itself demonstrates that it most likely won't happen. iPhone, iPad, and iPod are names of products which have created a new market category, so to ask if there will be an iPhone killer is like trying to out-Apple Apple, or out-Steve Steve Jobs.

When Wal-Mart started their online sales system, they were up against an already well-established online shopping giant, Amazon. Of course Wal-Mart, being the giant company that it was is well established in their own right. But when working on their marketing strategy, they kept getting caught up in matching what Amazon was doing, instead of innovating. Then someone got the brilliant idea to put up a big sign in the office which read "You Can't Out-Amazon Amazon!"

That's not to say that other products are inferior in any way, but creating a product specifically to be a whatever-killer is going to end you up with another me-too product, not innovation.

So just be yourself, remembering that creativity comes from within. And don't start flaming me all you Apple haters!

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If You Need to Be Told What to Do You’re a Dinosaur!

It used to be okay if you simply showed up for work on time, obeyed instructions, did everything according to the manual, and expected to have a decent career.

Actually, it is still possible, if you want a job flipping burgers or work in a factory assembly line. But even that is not going to last long, at the rate those kind of jobs are being replaced by machines or going to China.

Creativity and innovation is needed in every level of your company right now!

Your boss or supervisor is probably going crazy trying to dream up a great new method of doing things and hoping it will drop right onto his lap.

You can become that dream.

The next time you get an assignment from you boss, instead of blindly following instructions, ask yourself why it needs to be done, and if there is a better way to do it. Bring it up to your boss, respectfully, of course. If he thinks you are a pain in the ass, and decides to fire you, then it was probably not a great place to build your career anyway.

But chances are that over time he will see your creativity and initiative and when times are tough you will have made yourself so valuable that you will be practically immune to downsizing.

Statistics show that the employees considered most valuable are not the ones to follow instructions to a T without any objection (any high school flunky can do that!), but the ones who constructively share their criticisms, and often.


Don't try to become your boss's friend, become his most valuable employee -- or partner!


Stop Counting Your Blessings…

… If you want more out of your life.
OK, maybe that's a little extreme, but let me explain:
Counting your blessings is great if you need or want to feel good about yourself, or to just be happy overall. If you're depressed, discouraged, or suicidal, then go ahead and count your blessings, watch some cute kittens on YouTube, grab a beer and chill!

Life is good! Or so you tell yourself as you sit in a threadbare couch and watch TV on a 17" screen.

But some people actually want more. Some people want abundance in their lives. Some people want more options. The choice to have what they actually want on the menu, not what they can afford. The choice to pick the color and full options on their car instead of getting whatever they can afford at the used car lot. The choice to live in the country of their dreams.
Getting these kind of results is not easy, and certainly much harder than counting your blessings and feeling good about yourself.
To get these results you need one of two things:
1. A burning, unquenchable desire, or:
2. Pain.

The desire that I speak of can come from just about anything, like seeing someone else living the dream and knowing that you must have it too, at any cost. Or it can be something you're born with, the urge to be the best at everything you do.

The thing I want to talk about here though, is pain. Pain can be manufactured at will, and is a very powerful tool to obliterate seemingly immovable obstacles.

If you want to drastically improve your life and your situation, then STOP COUNTING YOUR BLESSINGS. It reminds me of the joke about the pharmacist who accidentally prescribed antidepressants to a patient who was supposed to get antidiarrheal medication. Upon realizing his error, he immediately called the man and asked if everything is OK, to which the patient replied: "I feel just fine, but there's shit all over the house."

Allow some fire to build up under the comfort of your seat and welcome the pain because it represents potential progress!

Last of all, have faith that it will happen, that you WILL get the results that you desire.

"Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

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Death in the Family

Many of us have had it. Grandparents, parents, brothers, or distant relatives you may have never met before.

Today I got a call telling me that my Grandfather won't make it through the day. My reaction? I don't know. I really don't know. I am sad, but not emotional. I'm a bit shaky and I don't know why. I don't feel extreme sorrow, but I feel I might miss him.

I don't know if I want him to have a quick and painless passing away or for him to live longer.
He's been battling cancer for a few years now and I feel like he's suffered enough but to wish for someone to die sends guilt pangs down to my stomach.
For some reason the question keeps popping up in my head "What should I be feeling right now?" As if there is a right answer.

I know there isn't, but the question won't go away.

I wasn't very close to him, but I do love him. I called my three sisters and brother to break the news to them this morning and they're going to try to make it to the hospital before he passes. My younger sister broke out in tears upon hearing the news. I feel bad for being insensitive and stating the facts too plainly.
I'm sorry June!

I'm headed there right now not knowing what to expect upon arriving, but I know I must go. Is it obligation or love? I'd like to say love but I know deep inside that he probably won't be conscious enough to realize whether I'm there or not, if I even make it in time. Is there a reason for me to go at all? Yes, to show solidarity to my family in this time of sorrow.

Us Okazaki's are proud of our family, and he's the one who gave us the name. Our own personal brand: OKAZAKI.

Gramps, please wait till I get there. please.

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