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Making Money Online

I know that I told you all before that I quit affiliate marketing because I did not like it one bit. At the time that was true, as I really had no desire to continue on doing something that I wasn't enjoying, or seeing enough success in.

Then something happened.

I did some research and found the source that many gurus base their affiliate marketing training programs on. It turns out that the creators of the various materials are members of a company called Wealthy Affiliate University.

I checked them out, and found that they were expensive! ($97 a month) I figured that I already wasted enough money on so many other programs, so why not one more? (Pretty intelligent reasoning, no?)

Anyhow, I signed up for one month, just to check it out and was initially overwhelmed by the huge amount of information there, but felt a little bit more stabilized when I found the action plan as a good starting point. I already knew a lot of the information in the beginner parts, but I went through all the lessons anyhow.

Fastforward to present day:

I signed up six weeks ago, and am only only on week 3 of the action plan putting in an average of 2 hours a week, I know, I have a lazy streak. But amazingly enough, I already have a monthly passive income that exceeds my monthly membership fee by more than double. There are people who signed up at the same time as I did who are putting in a full day's work and already making over $200 a day!

I was about to cancel my membership, hoping to save money, but seeing the progress made me start to love it, and to want to put more effort into it, making it work for me even more, though stopping now wouldn't stop my income stream.

The reason I'm bringing out this subject is that I know that as a friend, I would be holding back from you if I were to not share this with you. When going through changes in our lives, securing a stable income can be challenging, but I know that if you put in the effort and have enough persistence (with the right tools), you can and will make money. The importance of skills are far below the importance I would put on faith and persistence.

If I had given up when I felt like it, then I would never have seen the income that I'm getting now, as little is is it, but I have proven that the system works, and now that I know how to do it, I just have to multiply my efforts in order to multiply my income.