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Yes! I'm 30 now! I know that a few of my friends have had their 30th birthday recently too, so Happy Birthday to all those who are turning 30 this year!

Ever since teen-hood, the year 30 has always been the one I would say to myself, "by the time I'm 30 I'll …" During the years 28 and 29, I quit saying that because it started to feel a bit close, like scary! I think that that particular number, 30, has had a lot to do with my feeling the urge to change, to expect more of myself than I ever have before, to make forward progress in my life.
In short, to fulfill the broken promises I made to myself over the years.
I can't remember them all, but the ones I do remember still nag me, and I've gotten so used to putting them off "till 30" that the age 30 just crept up on me while I kept putting it off.
I'm 30 now and I have a few belated duties, or maybe rewards would be a better word, to give to myself.
On the top of my list is: Master the Japanese language (seriously, when I get this one done then I'll be a very happy man)
Followed by: Skydiving and Bungee jumping. I'm not sure which comes first.
I'm making real steps and plans to reach these goals now, as opposed to thinking and hoping it will happen "sometime". Finding creative ways to make these things pay for themselves is the ticket for me, and I just need to find a school for teaching me Japanese now that I have a sponsor. I'm going to take a 1-year intensive course, and after that assess whether or not I need to take an additional course. I'm also attending Japanese seminars that require extensive interaction with other Japanese and this is giving me plenty of regular practice.
Whenever I find myself thinking that I should do something, I replace that thought with the words:


If you have anything you've been putting off, STOP IT! Stop putting off stuff till whenever your "30" may be. Take immediate and drastic action. Tony teaches that every time you make a decision to not leave the site of the decision without first taking an active step in that direction.