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Why Fear is Good

Believe it or not, I have uttered the un-thinkable. Fear is good. Fear has protected me throughout my life, and kept me alive for 30 good, well mostly good, years. It's given me respect for certain things and kept me far away from others.

I wouldn't want to be working with explosives, for example, with someone who has no fear of it, or sitting in the backseat of a car with a driver who has no fear of breaking the law. I lock my front door when I'm not home and before I go to sleep at night for fear of burglary.

I fear sickness, therefore I avoid doing things that could infect me and cause my body to break down. I fear hackers and scam artists, therefore I am skeptical about things I come across on the internet. I fear jail, therefore I keep the law.

Fear is Good!

But thinking about it little more, I realized that as good as fear is, and as necessary as it may be, there is something much better.

You see, all the fears I mentioned above can be categorized as "away from" values, or things that we move away from in order to avoid pain. But if I had a choice, I'd replace them with "toward values", or things that I would rather be doing.

So instead of keeping the law because of fear of imprisonment or other punishments, I can simply strive for "freedom."

Instead of avoiding sickness, I can achieve health. Instead of fearing failure, I can embrace success.

We all will eventually get tired of living with "away from" values for too long, and it just gets depressing. I have a friend, who whenever I talk to him about what he wants in life he starts out with a list of things he doesn't want. "I don't want to live with so and so, and I don't want to be stuck in this situation, and I don't want to be rejected, etc." That's living with "away from" values and will just make you depressed.

The next time you find yourself thinking or saying something that you don't like, think about the exact opposite. What is it you do want in life?

Picture a compelling future that will pull you toward your dreams and catapult you toward your goals, and most of all, LIVE WITH PASSION!