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The Wise Man Adapts Himself to the World;

The foolish man tries to adapt the world to himself, therefore all progress depends on the fool.

I've spent too much of my life trying to adapt to the culture, the traditions, the unspoken rules, the taboos of my environment, and what I thought was right while having never evaluated them myself. Somehow I got the idea sometime in my life that everything around me is more important than me.

But then I started to lose myself. I started projecting an image of "right" on my peers and then on my own, very impressionable children. What I teach my children through my actions will stick for a lifetime, so I took a deep breath and stopped. Stopped judging, thinking, acting according to what was "right".

In effect I stopped adapting myself.

I wondered what would happen if I started just being ME and indirectly start adapting my environment to ME?

What's so bad about adapting my environment, my company, my colleagues to ME? Am I a bad influence on them? I don't think so. Could they enjoy partaking in my ideas, thoughts and initiatives? I do think so.

I feel better now. I feel like I have purpose. I feel like I have more to offer. I feel like I'm no longer walking on the edge of the cliff, but through the grassy meadow. I feel like I can spread myself like strawberry jam on the dry toast of everyday life at the office, and sprinkle myself like Tabasco on the pile of spaghetti I call home.

Let's see what happens from here on out. :)

Ps.  I think the kids like "foolish dad" better.


A Change of Course

The other night at dinner with my friend Sylvia and my dad, I was invited to a seminar by Peter Sage, a personal development expert and entrepreneur. On a whim and my gut instinct, I committed to attend. He's a tall guy from England who has a firm handshake. I had the privilege to meet him backstage before his seminar, and was introduced by my dad as his son and "a very influential person in Japan." to which he replied "You've got some big shoes to fill!" This gave me something to think about and a lot to live up to.

The seminar was called "Straight Talk" and was focused on business strategy, but not in the way I was expecting. The entire morning was focused on being happy. As simple as this may sound, it's the basic fundamental reason we try to be better people, be more successful, and make progress in our lives. But if we don't know what exactly we want in life, besides to be "a better person," "more successful," etc., without any tangible way of measuring when we will have arrived, then how can we expect to ever achieve that goal?

Being true to yourself and to everyone in your life is the most important fundamental principle behind any business you may be in, or in fact for anything in your life. Speak to people from your heart always, mean every word you say, and don't worry about others discovering the true you, because otherwise you will never truly connect.

When he finally got to the business bit of the seminar, which I admit I was hoping would come much sooner, he again gave emphasis the true values of life. Adding value to others is the single most powerful way to create and grow businesses.

If there is one thing I learned from him, I would say that to be truly great is to be truly humble.

Ps. Two day later I had the chance to have a lunch with him and some other close friends of mine and spent nearly 4 hours talking freely with him about all kinds of subjects which I'll post more on in a later entry.


Blame It On Tony!

I'm back and I'm excited! I promised my readers that I would post a report on UPW when I came home from the US, but at the time I didn't realize the tremendous amount of information that I would be exposed to.

There is NO way that I can put it all in one blog post, so I'm going to do it in smaller sections as it comes to me.

For this introductory post I'm going to freewheel and gab about some of the things that stood out to me, odds and ends that I noticed here and there on my trip.

Change! First of all I will state that this is going down in my biography (if one ever gets written) as a turning point, a pivotal moment in my life. It may not take place immediately in the physical, but my thinking and my reasoning has been rewired and this will inevitably bring change to all aspects of my life.

The energy! I have never in my life met a more energetic person-Tony Robbins. I didn't find out until day four about his health and diet plan, which he accredits it to (more on that in a later post.) This guy is jumping around, flailing his arms, pacing like mad, speaking with passion and emotion, & never looking tired from 8:00 AM to 2:00 AM! But even more amazing is that I made it through the classes not falling alseep, but feeling energized throughout the day - without caffeine!

The love! The people who attended, of which there were nearly 4,000, seemed like the friendliest, most lovable bunch I've met. There were moments where we had to share our deepest darkest fears to total strangers, but it seemed like the natural thing to do because I felt a kinship with these people who like me were also looking for change in their lives.

"You've gotta be a baby to go to heaven!" Tony kept telling us all to go full-on, without resevation, to express different feelings, and to act like little kids, using our bodies and voices to the max without reservation. This was such a liberating experience for me, as I've been trying for years to stifle these urges and act more grown up. Damn that! I'm going to live life out loud even if I look like a fool!

The music! The music he used in the sessions were mostly older numbers, but real classics-& loaded with energy! They now all have new meaning to me, and are anchors in my memory associated with those experiences every time I listen.

I have so much more that I want to share with you, but it will have to wait till a later date, but I can give you a peek at some of the things I have in mind for the future.

The Firewalk Experience
Health vs. Fitness
How to use pain to your advantage
Breaking negative patterns
Wealth vs. Riches

I know that there are a lot more in my head, but I'm still digesting much of it now and may take some time to put them down in writing.