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Stomping on Fire – BareFooted!

On the first day of UPW right after the doors opened nearly 4,000 people rushed into and filled the main hall to see Tony Robbins. What we found inside was a dazzling array of lights, smoke effects, and a seriously cool audio system. There were four huge screens displaying cuts of music videos and live edits of dancers on the stage. The song 'Life Will Never Be the Same' by Haddaway blared on the sound system as we all started clapping and swaying to the music.

This is how it all started.

Then Tony came on stage. The room exploded with energy as he joined the dancers on stage and added his own style of larger-than-life presence to the scene.

Things settled down after about 20 minutes as we moved into the main part of the classes--if that's what you'd call them. These classes were peppered with sporadic back-massages, breathing exercises, and simultaneous shouts of 'YES!' by all 4,000 of us. Reminded me of the movie 'Yes Man' with Jim Carey.

The main topics covered were about your subconscious being the most powerful deciding factor in your decision-making processes, and how controlling it is the key to getting the extra-ordinary results that you want in your life.

Physiology was another big topic on day one. It was demonstrated to us that our physical position, posture, breathing patterns, facial expressions and the angle or our heads were not just a reflection of what's going on in our minds, but also controlling our very thoughts and feelings. In other words, if you can put yourself into a physical state that exudes confidence, you will feel confident. If you jump up and down, shake your fists in the air, yell at the top of your lungs the word 'YES!', then it's pretty likely the answer will be yes.

And that's exactly what we did. We each paired up with someone who we never met before and told them our deepest darkest fears. Things in life that we know we need to overcome, but for one reason or another haven't yet, and all rooted in fear.

We faced each other and shouted "I OWN YOU!" and had to outdo our partner in whatever way we could.

Now we were ready.

Marching out the doors and chanting 'Yes! Yes! Yes!' toward the burning hot coals we knew we would soon face, we were unstoppable. The hot coals were a metaphor for the thing in life we had to overcome, and stepping fearlessly across them was symbolic of making that hurdle, taking the plunge and doing what you thought was impossible or too difficult for you to do.

Seriously, I did not feel any heat, nothing at all! After I got to the other side I found my partner and we seriously celebrated, I mean jumping like mad, hooting and hollering, and hugging like there was no tomorrow. When I crossed the hot coals, I had so much adrenaline going that I went without any hesitation whatsoever, and I didn't just walk. I stomped with all confidence that it could not hurt me in the state I was in. I felt as if my obstacle, my greatest fear was reduced to ashes under my feet. If I could do this, I could do anything!

My partner and I walked back to the building together feeling energized, empowered, and like nothing on earth could stop us from getting what we want in life.