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Stick That Label Elsewhere

Yesterday I spent National Children's Day with my kids at a local park and had a great barbecue--loads of fun! On the menu we had: onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, bread, potatoes, eggplant, fish, and sausages. We had 100% fruit juice for the kids and beer for my wife and me.
Now I know that some of you are thinking that I'm going back on my word about not eating meat and all that. I tried to figure out what name I should take on to describe my eating habits, but nothing I could find fit what I am doing.

I don't eat dairy products but I'm not vegan because I eat eggs.
I don't eat red meat and chicken, but I'm not vegetarian because I eat fish.

But people don't give up trying to label me! "are you really a vegetarian?" "you're not truly vegan because blah, blah blah!"

I'm getting tired of being labeled and put in a box!

I've met some people calling themselves vegetarian who seem to believe that their life's mission is to tell everyone else how badly they are polluting their bodies and preaching that their way is best and I'd imagine that many vegans may come across the same way.

I don't want to be like that. I respect each person's decisions about what they choose to eat, and I expect them to respect mine. I don't need a title to tell me what I should or shouldn't eat, because I can make my own rules!
Yes, I have cut down on alcohol, I've eliminated caffeine and eliminated all meat with the exception of fish. I've eliminated processed foods and anything containing MSG, which includes commercial curry. Potato chips and 99% of food found in a convenience store is out also.
BUT, the above is only MOST of the time. I want my commitment to be long-term, and I also want to have the freedom to give myself exceptions whenever I feel like it, such as a BBQ on children's day. When I'm a guest, then I'll eat what's served, I just might not take a very big serving of certain foods. I want the freedom to celebrate when I feel like it, and have a beer while I'm at it.
No rules or labels for me please! I prefer guidelines.
So far it's been a 90% / 10% ratio of times I am strict on myself about the food I eat, to times that I am not, and it's working out pretty well so far.

To put it in a nutshell: I'm not vegetarian, I'm not vegan, I'm not stupid. I'm a 90/10!