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4 Hour Work Week

Do you want to be a millionaire? Billionaire?
This is not a trick question, but if you answered yes, then I'd like to ask you another question:
What is it that you'd like to do once you've earned a million dollars? Unless you're seriously obsessed with pictures of dead US presidents, then you're probably like the rest of us, who just want what the money can do for us.
Tim Ferriss, author of the bestseller 4 Hour Work Week talks in detail about how you can get the things you want in life, the things most people think only millionaires can afford, at a pretty normal price!
Shortcuts to achieve what the millionaires have, without the millions. He teaches how we can become the NR, or New Rich, by copying what they are doing and reaching success the way they do.
A large part of the book is dedicated to his D-E-A-L system, standing for Definition, Elimination, Automation, and Liberation. Defining what it is you need and want in your life, Eliminating all else, Automating and remote tasking as much as possible, and finally, achieve Liberation.
He uses his own life as an example, citing his personal accomplishments such as World Champion in Chinese Kickboxing, Guinness record for Tango dancing, and much more.
The part that appealed to me was his idea of mini-retirements. Why wait until your peak physical years are over before retiring? Retire now, for a short period of time, and then get back on the saddle and set your goal for your next mini-retirement.