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Stuff I’ve read lately

One direction that I've taken a stab lately is in furthering my education - and by that I don't mean going back to school, although I wouldn't rule that out for the future. I've mostly been reading lots of books that I feel will help to propel me in the right direction for me to become more financially literate.
I started with a famous one: 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki, but since I ordered it from the States to try and get a discounted price, I had to pay in terms of time, 2 weeks to be exact.
So what did I do while I waited? I ordered another book from the same author: 'Increase Your Financial IQ'. Seemed like a good idea to me. It was informative, and gave good advice on various topics, but since the author is involved directly in the real-estate business, much of the material in this book is quite focused on that. Also, he keeps referring to his past, being a helicoptor pilot in the Vietnam war, starting a very successful company in his 20's, etc., which sometime instead of encouraging you that "You can too!", it leaves you wondering if you even qualify to become as successful as he has.
In hindsight it was a good, informative, educational book, but not a good one to get started on if you're on the same journey as I am.

Enough for today.