Ken Okazaki Blogging is serious business



This post is a first and I'll tell you why.

So far I've written the blog posts myself, mostly my thinking on the progress in my life and the direction I'm headed.

Reading books is now a regular habit from which I draw much of my inspiration.

Every now and then I read something that just jumps right out at me. It stirs me up inside and makes it impossible to do nothing about it. The author grips me by the throat and forces me to act. Maybe it only works on certain people who are at in the right state of mind at the time, or are in certain circumstances that harmonize with the author.

I'm now reading a great book, called Tribes, by Seth Godin.

This book is Gold!

I would recommend it to anyone who wants a fresh perspective on being a leader. Even if you don't feel you need a change or inspiration or whatever, GET THIS BOOK! It's been added to my all time favorites list, and although this introduction is longer than I expected, I will now insert an excerpt and hand you over to Seth Godin:


With a long enough crowbar, you can rip nails out of a board.

With a long enough teeter-totter, you can lift a sumo wrestler off the ground.

With enough leverage, you can change your company, your industry, and the world.

The levers just got longer (for everyone). the Web and word of mouth and viruses and outsourcing and the long tail and the other factors involved in social media mean that everyone (every person, all six billion of us) has far more power than ever before. The king and the status quo are in big trouble.

Wait. You might have glossed over that last paragraph--perhaps because it's so short but especially because it's so challenging.

What I'm saying is that one person can make a video that reaches fifty million viewers.

What I'm saying is that one person can invent a pricing model that turns an industry upside down.

What I'm saying is that one person--okay, what I really mean is you--has everything. Everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself. That people around you realize this, and they are ready to follow if you're ready to lead.

Seriously, READ THIS BOOK! If you do read it, and it doesn't do it for you, give it to someone else and tell them the same thing I just told you. It will eventually find the right person.

PS. If you order using the link provided here, I will get a tiny little kickback from Amazon, which I do appreciate. Thanks.