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KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid!

It's funny that in life it happens so many times that just when you think you've finally got things figured out, something happens and everything changes.
I've been trying out affiliate marketing for some time, learning all the ins and outs about it, and decided to focus mostly on article marketing. I spent some good money on programs to help teach me more advanced methods, and even a software package that would automatically spin my articles so I could recycle them to save me work.
Things were going okay, but a bit slower than I had anticipated. I was spending time daily writing articles, SEOing them, submitting them, pinging, more optimizing, bidding for keywords, etc.
Then something clicked in my head.

I don't enjoy doing this one bit!

It all came back to me, the whole reason I was looking for change in my life is so that I could focus on what I loved doing, not enduring something so that I can earn money and then go on to what I love during my spare time.
I was digging my own grave, and at the same time proclaiming to others that I was heading into some "Major changes in my life". It seemed I had lost sight of the goal, the whole reason I had started out in the first place.

So then I asked myself: "What do I love doing?"

I love helping people. I really, really actually get a tremendous amount of satisfaction when I feel that the effort I invested in someone has helped them in a profound way.

Why not become a life coach? I'll get job satisfaction by helping others, I'll be able to support myself financially, and I'll also be doing what I love doing second best: learning something new--constantly! Because each human is unique, I will never get bored of it.
Time to start learning again. I'm going to be attending Speed Coaching seminars in Tokyo starting next weekend, and I'll count that as my first step in the direction that I want to go.

Wish me well, and pray for me.