In this episode, you’ll hear:

1. How did Brett manage to transition to branding his own business after 20 years

2. What steps are businesses omitting in their process that lead to eventual failure

3. Why does Brett Lane advocate for embracing AI as our future and why we should not be afraid of it.

According to his LinkedIn profile, with two decades of experience in digital marketing, Brett Lane is a highly regarded expert in the field, with a proven track record of delivering results for businesses of all sizes through comprehensive digital marketing services such as SEO, link building, social media marketing, and content creation.

He takes pride in providing personalized attention to each consulting client, helping to improve their Internet traffic and conversions. Brett Lane specializes in helping content creators, influencers, streamers, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and businesses grow their following, views, and overall engagement on social media, SEO, and video content platforms. With his digital marketing expertise, he boosts clients' brands online to new heights from an organic perspective, utilizing his extensive industry experience that collectively spans twenty years.

In 2023, he earned his Doctorate in Digital Marketing and earned an MBA in Internet Marketing nearly two decades ago. To keep his skillset current, Brett Lane completed Digital Marketing Certifications from Harvard and Oxford University in 2022. He is also a sought-after speaker, having had the privilege of delivering a TEDx Talk in Delaware in 2022. In this episode, Brett shares his journey to becoming a successful SEO expert, along with his tips and strategies for maximizing ROI and attracting the ideal audience. Don't miss out on this valuable insight from a seasoned pro! Listen to hear more about Brett Lane's secrets to his success, offering valuable insights and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Follow Ken Okazaki at:   / kenokazaki   Timestamps:00:00 Welcome to the Content Capitalists Podcast00:40 Introducing Brett Lane3:05 How AI is Changing the Game05:01 The Rise of AI07:38 How Brett's Unlikely Past Prepared Him for Success11:02 The Process That Separates Winners from Losers13:03 Brett's Secret Recipe for Ranking in Google15:42 How Brett Built Other Brands and Overcame Setbacks16:53 Building a Brand That Lasts18:42 Social Media vs SEO: Which Reigns Supreme?21:48 Unlocking the Client Acquisition Code26:19 Industries that can be Revolutionize28:46 Unlocking the SEO Code33:36 How to Justify Client Investment in Your Services39:10 SEO Demystified41:58 Is Bing Advertising Worth It?43:18 Adapting to the Future45:01 What is AIPRM?46:33 The Ultimate SEO Rankings Guide53:01 Get in Touch with Brett Lane54:37 Empowering Your Business for Success #SEOExpert #DigitalMarketingTriumph #WifesAdversity #successstory #kenokazaki #contentcapitalists

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